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Video Internet Marketing (VIM) has taken the Internet by storm. By using VIM you have the potientioal of increased visits to your website. A good video that catches the eye of the user, it's unique, it's unusual, it makes people laugh and/or smile, is going to be like a virus and people are going to tell everyone they know about it.

Video portals like YouTube, Vimeo and Meta Cafe are the best places to put your videos for branding, educating, marketing and selling products and services accross the Interent.

If you don't have the right gear, you can't make a video. Gear can include a camcorder, microphones, tripods, lights, etc. You will need a computer for editing, TV and/or monitor for watching, and software for editing, for titling, for format conversions, as well as for creating graphics and cleaning up images. This all costs money and some businesses do not have it in their budgets to purchase all this to create their special video.

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