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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of many services we offer

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Nothing is more important to the success of your business than being listed with the top search engines and directories. The people visiting your site are either your current or potential customers. Search engines outrank banner advertising and all other forms of media for advertising your business and are an invaluable tool for reaching your target market. Over 95% of the people visiting your web site is a result of a search engine query.

But being “listed” in the search engines is not enough! The rule of thumb is most people will not go past the 2nd page of results. If they don’t find what they need on the first 2 pages, they will just type in a different search query. Being listed on the first 2 pages means being in the top 30! This means that competition for positions near the top of the search results is fierce.

Our site submission service is designed to increase your exposure by listing your web page with the top Search Engines and Directories. There are some site submission companies that boast about the “number” of engines/directories they will submit you to. We do not worry about the numbers, we worry about the “TOP” Search Engines and Directories.

Adding your site to the Search Engines and Directories is your choice. Here’s your choices:

  • Use us.
  • Do it yourself by hand, one at a time. Doing it this way is fun since the Search Engines and Directories like to change the way it’s done quite often.
  • Hope that eventually one of the Spider programs sent out by the Search Engines will eventually find you and get you listed.
  • Do Nothing!

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Our solutions are carried out in a professional manner, to the highest standard. We aim to impress not only our own clients but yours also. Using the latest software we can create many different types of images and layouts, ensuring that they are perfectly suited to the style of your company and portray the right image.

  • Custom Graphics — We can provide custom graphics for your site if you do not already have what you need.
  • Digital Photography — We will photograph your business to produce graphics that you wish.
  • Copy Writing — If you feel that you are unable or do not have time to write the necessary text for your pages we will gladly do this for you.
  • 3D Graphics — We are capable of providing 3D images if you like.

Let us help you create your Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Contact Us for a quote.